Geir Evensen

Geir Evensen

Research Director, Statoil Reseach Centre, Bergen Norway

Research Director II at the of Mohn Sverdrup Center at the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

Project leader for the IOR project: Reservoir Uncertainty Characterization and Fast Model Updating

Currently working with data assimilation methods for oil reservoir models

Second edition will be published during fall 2009:

Geir Evensen: Data assimilation, The Ensemble Kalman Filter, 2nd ed., Springer, 2009
Springer link and Amazon link

Geir Evensen
Statoil, Bergen
PO Box 7200 - N 5020 Bergen
Phone  : +47 93 09 09 47


Research Director, NERSC

Professor in applied mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen

Collaborator in the NOPP HYCOM group

Coordinator of the EC FP5 TOPAZ Project

Coordinator of the EC Mast III DIADEM Project

An introduction to UNIX for beginners,
This was used as an internal reference manual for unix at the Nansen Center and students still seem to find it useful.
G. Evensen

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